Enter Our Raffle to Try a Sampler Class with Donna B

MAC members can enter their name into a raffle for a 30 minute sampler class with Donna B compliments of MAC.  We will draw one winner each week and notify them via phone/email.  The winner will set up their session directly with Donna B in regards to day/time.  The clear raffle box and slips will be at the front desk.

Please direct any questions to the registration desk, we will be glad to help.


In the comfort of warm shallow water, a client will experience

  • A series of head-to-toe stretches
  • Permission to initiate and direct each stretch with the assistance of their Facilitator
  • Use of the water's support to freely move into stretch positions that cannot be duplicated on land
  • The power of the AquaStretch technique to improve movement and health!

AquaStretch Program at the Memorial Athletic Club & Aquatic Center

AquaStretch is an assisted stretching and myofascial release technique that frees the body of restrictions that limit flexibility and may cause pain with movement.

All AquaStretch sessions are offered in our warm indoor pool, with an average year round temperature of 86 degrees.


Donna Barnett, Primary Facilitator


AquaStretch Packages are bundled in 2 x 1 hour sessions. Recommended packages will be based on individual needs.

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