American Red Cross Learn to Swim

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Course Descriptions

Parent & Child (6-24 months). This course is designed for you, as a parent, to participate in your child's first swimming experience. In this four session course, you will learn and practice techniques of water locomotion and safety with your child without forced submersion. Class size — 6 families. Offered mornings only.

Preschool 1 (Pre 1) (2 years - 3/4/5 years). For you little one who has little or no previous water experience and who may be hesitant to put his/her face in the water. This course is geared to help students gain confidence through activities. Class size — 2 swimmers.

Preschool 2 (Pre 2) (2 years - 3/4/5 years). This class is for young swimmers who are comfortable in the water and will place their face in the water without hesitation. We will work on learning to swim " to " a designated area and back safely. Pre 2 will also work on arm strokes and kicking as well as floating on front and back. Class size — 2 swimmers.

Preschool 3 (Pre 3) (4/5 years). Pre 3 swimmers are ready to begin swimming short distance primarily unassisted. These kids are very confident in the water and love to swim underwater and pick up toys with their hands. We work a great deal on stroke mechanics and proper kicking. Students are introduced to breathing as well as locomotion on their back with kicks. Class size — 2 swimmers.

Introduction to Level 1 (5 yrs +). This is a true beginner class for new swimmers. We begin from the basics and build a strong foundation for our swimmers. This is a perfect class for swimmers 5 years + that have not had formal swim instruction. Red Cross Safety concepts are also addressed. Class size — 2 swimmers.

Level 1 —Water Skills ( 5/6/7 yrs +) Prerequisites: Successfully pass Intro to Level 1. In this level we work on freestyle (breathing to the side) and backstroke (25 yds each). Swimmers are introduced to butterfly wiggle and kick, breast stroke kick, and elementary backstroke. Sitting and kneeling dives will be introduced along with treading water for one minute. Red Cross Safety concepts are also addressed. Class size — 2 swimmers.

Level 2—Fundamental Aquatic Skills (5/6/7 yrs +) Prerequisites : Successfully pass Level 1. In level 2, swimmers are working to improve free and back (50 yds each), perfecting elementary backstroke (25 yds), as well as learning whole stroke fly and breast. Swimmers will need to tread water for 2 minutes. They will also be introduced to side stroke. Sitting, kneeling and standing dives are addressed. Red Cross Safety concepts are also addressed. Class size — 3 swimmers.

Level 3—Stroke Development (6/7/8 yrs +) Prerequisites: Successfully pass Level 2. In level 3, swimmers are fine tuning free and back (100 yds each), breast and fly (25 yds each), elementary backstroke (50 yds), fly and breast kick ( 50 yds), treading water 3 minutes, and expanding side stroke. All dives are reviewed as well as expanded safety skills. Class size — 4 swimmers.

Level 4—Stroke Improvement.Offered as a private lesson only.

Level 5—Stroke Refinement.Offered as a private lesson only.

Level 6—Swimming and Skill.Offered as a private lesson only.

Swim Team Prep ( 7 years +) The focus of this course is to improve the four basic swim team strokes, endurance, speed, starts and finishes. Class size — 4 swimmers.

Teen A—This class is developed for teens 13-17 years of age. This is a foundation level course. Class size — 2 swimmers.

Teen B—This class is for teens who are proficient in Free and Back, and wanting to learn breast and fly Class size — 4 swimmers.

Adult Beginner/Novice (18 years and older) This class is dedicated to those adults who have limited or no previous swimming experience and designed to help the adult gain confidence in the water. Class size — 2 adult swimmers.

Adult Intermediate (18 years and older) This class is for adults who are comfortable in the water, will submerge their body and face totally underwater, float on front and back unassisted and can swim a short distance with freestyle or a variety of strokes. The objective of this course is to help improve the mechanics of each swimmer's strokes. Class size — 4 adult swimmers.

Private instruction is available year round. Please see the swim office for details. 281.759.1748